First day at Neil’s Recruitment Co.

Yesterday was my first day of work at Neil’s Recruitment Company. After the inevitable cancelled train and the nightmare journey into London, I arrived. I spent the morning learning about the business and a bit about the market and Neil had arranged for me to talk a floor walk at iProspect, (a digital agency they do a lot of work with) in the afternoon and meet one of the Account Directors in the SEO team.

I met Michael – as well as being an Account Director in the SEO team, he also heads their video team ‘Play’. I was a little apprehensive meeting a experienced Digital Marketer who works for such a globally established company, but Michael was considerate, calm and extremely helpful. He went on to explain the extent of operations: the different digital marketing channels/teams, the variations between them and how these teams work in tandem to deliver a service.

This was my first experience within a digital media agency, and while the outside of the office was pretty foreboding and corporate-looking, the inside wasn’t as nearly as daunting. The office was airy, open and had a lively but relaxed feel to it. My expectations of seeing rows of suits and working cubicles was quickly replaced with fresh faced twenty-somethings casually dressed.

The outside of iProspect’s office near Great Portland Street station

It was great for me to see how Digital Media works on a larger scale, and how the grass roots of Online Marketing (PPCSEO, and Social Media) are implemented and practiced. It was really useful and interesting to meet someone who is an expert in the field that I’d love to progress in.

Once the meeting was complete it was time for me to move on to my first lecture in my Diploma in Digital Marketing course provided by the Digital Marketing Institute. The class size was around the 20 person mark and was a mix of graduates, business owners and employees wanting to add another string to the bow. All hailing from around the globe, there were people from South America, Europe and Asia.

The lecture was taken by Mike Berry and started by introducing what the course would cover over the 12 weeks. He also went on to explain a brief history of Digital Marketing and what the future may hold for the industry. Mike delivered the lecture in a clear and informative style that put everyone at ease and made it easy to understand. If there were any queries he answered them in a friendly and simple way.

The introduction lecture to the course really whetted my appetite of things to come, covering everything from SEO in the first (real) lecture to analytics towards the end. I have no doubt that this course will provide invaluable knowledge and in-turn I’m looking forward to see what I can achieve with this skill set under my belt.

All in all it, my first day at Neil’s Recruitment Company was really enjoyable. I got a feel for the business and the industry, met some great people and took several steps towards my ultimate goal; a career in the digital media industry. It almost made the bitterly cold London weather bearable.