*Graduate Jobs Update*

Happy Friday/happy snow day to those of you in the UK. Quite a bit on this week, so here’s a little round-up…

We’re still looking for a strong SEO Analyst for one of our main clients, one of the largest/most successful agencies in their category. We’re not necessarily looking for someone with experience – more the aptitude, understanding and desire (they can train you in the rest!). Really great company – you can apply for that one here. If you’re a little stronger on the technical side (perhaps have done some web build etc.), we’re also recruiting for a specialist search agency based in the City at the same level.

For those wanting to get into PPC, we’re looking for a bright and switched-on graduate (preferably from numerical/maths/stats background) for a bustling boutique digital agency based in Covent Garden. We’re also looking for someone of a similar ilk for a major online recruitment business based in the West End – apply for that one here.

For the analysts amongst you, the recruitment business above is also looking for a strong data analyst and we’re looking for strong conversion/web analytics specialists for both the boutique agency referenced above and The Huffington Post (which you can apply to here).  Great for anyone with both tech ability and a head for numbers wanting a potentially lucrative career path!

Best of luck and remember that we’re here if you want any help with applications/interview preparation etc.