I got the job!

Apologies, I’ve realised that I’ve neglected this blog over the last couple of weeks in all the excitement – however, I have got a (fairly-decent) excuse. In the prior post you may have read that I had a job interview with iProspect for a SEO Analyst role. I’m pleased to announce that after one more interview, an excel test and a meeting with one of the members of the iProspect board. The position was offered to me, and I willingly accepted it.

Sadly, this means that my time working at Neil’s has come to an end, and this is infact my last day working face to face with Neil, Dan, Nicola and Niklas. I start working at iProspect on Wednesday, and can’t wait to get cracking. During the brief time spent interning at Neil’s it’s clear to me that it has been been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and would do it again with a drop of a hat.

I’d liked to extend my thanks to the whole team at Neil’s Recruitment. Firstly for taking me on, sticking with me throughout and feeding me in to this position at iProspect. While I’m leaving the office space at Neil’s, I will be still updating my blog regularly for those who are interested to what working in the Digital Media, and more specifically the SEO industry is really like.