New Year, New Beginnings

It’s my first week of 2013 with Neil’s Recruitment Company and already I’ve been surprised by the news of a job interview today with iProspect. Keen readers of my blog may remember that I visited iProspect HQ last year to get a taste of how digital agencies operate. I loved it – the office atmosphere was great, the people were friendly & helpful and it was somewhere I could picture myself working whenever the time came.

Since starting working in the digital marketing industry, as well as progressing in my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, I’ve begun to realise that I really enjoy both the on and off-site practices of SEO, social and creating content. Over the last few weeks I’ve toyed with the idea of possibly moving into this niche after I’ve finished my time at Neil’s Recruitment – and begun to hone my skills in these particular areas.

As it happened an entry-level SEO Analyst position became available at said iProspect and Neil asked if I wanted to go forward for it. Obviously I jumped at the chance, and it was penned in the diary. A few hours later I met with Adrian, an SEO Analyst that works for iProspect to get a better feel for what to expect. I got a great feel of what it was like to work for them and all the questions I had were answered fully and in great detail by Adrian, many thanks to him.

This meeting mixed with preparation has helped me to be able to walk into iProspect ready and feeling confident. The interview is a 3pm today so wish me luck, and keep your eyes peeled on here if you want to learn how it went.