Working in Media Systems

A short Q&A on working in Media Systems from a friend in the field.

What is the main purpose of your role?

To manage and oversee all technologies used within the digital marketing team. This includes selecting best in breed technologies that suit our business the best, implementing those technologies and being a technical lead on the implementation as well as implementing processes around using the software.

What do you do in a typical day?

No single day is the same. A typical day could include working through a technical brief to make sure it meets our business objectives, review meetings to go through project progress, resolving technical issues on implementation and prioritising workloads for the development team as well as managing a small team of associates who work closely on media systems.

What skills and/or qualifications do you need to do your job?

A degree with a technical background helps, like Computer Science or Mathematics. Experience in project management, technical implementation of tools including coding and website tagging as well as time and people management to influence decisions.

How did you get into digital media/marketing?

Fell into it after being accepted into a job in paid search campaign management. After 6 months I realised I wanted to do more on the technical side and helped set up a team dedicated to tracking technologies in a small digital agency. This then drove my passion for digital marketing technologies in general.

What are the career prospects?

Heading up a dedicated Media Systems team for a large organisation is a pretty good stage in my career and I guess future steps include CMTO (Chief Marketing Technology Officer) which is a new emerging role in businesses as well as potentially developing my own business around some cool new innovative technology for the future.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path?

You need to have a technical mind with the ability to stand up and shout loud. Learn about the technologies in the digital marketing space and learn your acronyms. There are a ton of tools out there for each of the areas (DMP, DSP, AMP, SSP, AMP etc). Learn the technical ins and outs of the tool. The details of how it sets the variables, the cookies, the rules; learn how the logic in the back end works out what you are viewing/using. This is what makes you stand out from the usual crowd.