Working in SEO

A short Q&A on working in SEO from a friend in the field.

What is the main purpose of your role?

The main purpose of my role is to set SEO strategy for the client pool that I work across. This includes making recommendations on the technical aspects of SEO in addition to directing strategy to the content team for link building and content marketing purposes.

What do you do in a typical day?

A typical day varies from the beginning to the end of the week. At the beginning of the week, it is often more about reporting and ad-hoc tasks that have carried over from the week before. Later in the week, days tend to consist of providing recommendations to clients that drive forward the SEO strategy, as well as clients calls to report and feedback.

What skills and/or qualifications do you need to do your job?

An analytical mindset, advanced Excel skills, a good working knowledge of HTML/CSS, solid client management.

How did you get into digital media/marketing?

I worked for a small company for a while, which gave me the chance to experiment with SEO/PPC. This enabled me to gain some core experience before moving to a bigger company.

What are the career prospects?

The career prospects are very good. You can expect to progress much quicker than in the equivalent offline media role.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path?

Understand the basics of the channel and don’t try and run before you can walk.