My visit to ZenithOptimedia…

In a scene reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs, Neil (Mr Pink), Niklas (Mr Brown) and Matt (Mr Blue) strolled in unison up Tottenham Court Road. Our destination was ZenithOptimedia where we were going find out a thing or two about a job vacancy they were keen to fill.

‘Glass’, was my first thought. A lot of glass. ‘Beer’, was my second. A lot of beer. St Patrick’s day was in full swing and the Guinness had started to flow. I was beginning to like ZenithOptimedia.

We were met by our kindly host, escorted to a glass table via the coffee machine (1 white coffee, 1 black coffee, 2 cappuccinos if you’re asking) and discussion began.

They are looking for a graduate to join a team dealing with ROI and Facebook analytics. True to form, the management here was keen to push the use of Facebook as a marketing tool and what was initially a team of two has grown to a team of thirteen in eighteen months.

Words like autonomy and meritocracy were banded around as well as clients such as O2, BA and L’Oreal. Progression and change were also key words with this department having the most promotions of any other last year. This particular job leant more towards the analytics side of things, the preferred graduate having a strong grasp of maths and Excel. They looked beyond the ‘likes’ and focussed on reach and engagement.

Festivity aside it was an exciting place to be, yes with a great social culture but also with a culture of progression and development.

I’ll leave you with a piece of advice: if like one of their current graduates you tweet that you have fallen asleep on a train after a heavy night out, make sure, like this same graduate, you turn up to work on time!