Why is the programmatic buying market a good market for graduates?

Graduates. Having recently been to university you will have spent several hours on YouTube unearthing the best example of the Harlem Shake and in turn have spent several hours explaining to your friends why that was THE best Harlem Shake. Time well spent.

I mean that. Time well spent. By indulging your interests on YouTube, mobile apps and social media channels you will have contributed to your online fingerprint and opened a two-way dialogue in this digital ecosystem. That video ad that appeared before the Harlem Shake, that was for you.

Programmatic buying is the process of targeting advertising to and for the consumer based on decisions made online. It is an online interaction, a conversation – that means relevance for the consumer and revenue for the advertiser. The key word in all this is efficiency – two-way efficiency, for want of a better term it is a win-win.

The programmatic buying market is one that advertisers are scrambling to get a hold on because its efficiency means less output for more reward. In turn it needs graduates to help both expand the digital inventory of online human decisions and hone what is done with that data. This is a perfect time to gain a foothold in this relatively young, rapidly expanding market, which is dictating the direction of marketing. Put succinctly by Joe Zawadzki, the CEO of MediaMath:

β€œIt is the future of marketing, available now.”