But Which is Better? Agency or Brand?

I was on the rainy road again and doing my best impression of a drowned rat met Danielle in a crowded Soho restaurant.

Danielle had just moved down to London from Leicester in order to take a brand-side Marketing Executive job at mysinglefriend.com. This decision hadn’t been straight forward as there was another job offer on her plate for the same money this time in an agency. My blog post alarm bells were ringing, and in the words of Harry Hill, but which is better? Agency or Brand?

Danielle was very happy in her new job on the brand side of life, her immediate impression being that it was a slightly more relaxed pace and had the benefit of being able to focus all your efforts on one client, you. Of course at an agency you are dealing with numerous clients all at one time which Danielle confirmed as being more complicated and occasional stressful.

This week she had been pleasantly surprised to find herself leaving at 5.30pm every day, which was a huge change from her last role. That being said she emphasised the value of her time at an agency because it had given her a fantastic background in digital and was a huge education dealing with interesting and varied clients.

A real draw for Danielle to the brand side of things was the chance to represent a brand she could be proud of and have a more direct link to the customer base. She explained that mysinglefriend.com was a small team which meant her role encompassed a bit of everything but she especially enjoyed the email campaigns which allowed her to feel more connected to her subscribers.

So have we finally put the debate to bed? Of course both sides have their merits, if you enjoy a fast pace, multiple clients and a swift education, agency side could be for you. If like Danielle, you want to represent a name, and be in touch with your customers perhaps brand side is your bag. Of course, another key variable is the size of the company but that’s for another day.

I will try to catch up with Danielle again when she’s a bit further into the role to see how true her first impressions were. She might even be able to find me a date!

“Matt” I hear you cry, “Didn’t you ask her for any handy tips?” Of course I did, what do you take me for? Firstly Danielle mentioned gaining work experience in digital because, having done a Fine Art degree, it was through work experience that she got her first job. Other than that, to stay up to date with the market she recommended keeping an eye on e-Consultancy, Brand Republic and Mashable.

Hope that helps folks!