New Approach from M/Six Media

Having been let off the leash, the backbone of Neil’s Recruitment (Niklas and Matt!) trotted off to meet Poppy from M/Six to hear about an interesting new idea: internships for sandwich year/gap year students and school leavers.

My first impressions of the building were fantastic as the reception area is more coffee shop than meeting room. At the risk of using the word ‘vibe’… there was a great vibe about the place!

MSix foyer

Something that I am beginning to hear more and more is that companies are keen to invest in talent with regards to training at an early stage and then nurture that talent through the business. M/Six are planning to offer an internship to a school leaver or gap year student who will gain an idea of the market, learn about the company and potentially return in a permanent role at some point after the placement.

M/Six was born four years ago from parents Mindshare and CHI as a full service agency. They’re small and nimble numbering at about 50 which is spread over Digital, Comms/Planning and a social media arm called ‘Social Practice’. There’s a creative, table-football-style vibe, which matches their exciting, creative approach to digital.

MSix table football

M/Six are looking for bright people and recognise that this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have been to university. I thought this approach to be especially refreshing as high university fees are pricing many young people out of the opportunity of going to uni.

So if you are trying to get into digital. M/Six might have the answer.