Three Musketeers, Amnet & a squirrel.

And so it begins…

Yesterday was my glorious full debut and as soon as I stepped through the door Neil swept me off my feet with a promise of not one but two client meetings. Double fun.

The first was at Amnet, part of an impressive glass complex where we were directed to the 7th floor. The reception was home to a couple of cool cats, a lot of wooden sleepers and a squirrel. You’ll have to see it to believe.

With that in mind we intended to take a photo, but in the absence of a camera, you’ll have to make do with this courtroom sketch I rustled up.

Amnet office pic

We had brought Niklas along and the three of us were ushered into a meeting room with their CEO, Client Servicing Director and Recruitment Manager. I found it really encouraging that they all clearly shared the idea that Amnet wanted bright graduates they could invest in in terms of training and building healthy careers within the business. For someone who wanted to learn about and exist in the real time bidding market, the roles on offer here were very exciting.

Having only heard of real time bidding (RTB) last week, it is –  as I understand it, the process of buying and selling advertising space across an auction-based trading platform (similar to the way PPC is managed). More of this killer insight to follow as I continue my education!

Having had our fill at Amnet the three musketeers braved the cold again, wending our way through the snowy streets of London until we reached our second destination, Media Ingenuity. We looked around and Niklas was nowhere to be seen. Man down. Here at Neil’s Recruitment Company we live by the motto ‘never leave a fallen man behind’ although on this occasion it was very cold…

It was the third floor this time but we were still treated to expansive glass walls and wooden floors in what was probably my favourite office of the week. Media Ingenuity has its roots in the financial sector but creates swathes of innovative content in the shape of infographics and articles. They were after someone who had brilliant problem-solving skills, wanted to contribute to the content and was willing to build online relationships in line with their SEO strategy. You can read more about that one here.

This was also the first time I had heard of the ‘case-study’ rearing its not-so-ugly head. In an interview be prepared to answer a question along the lines of ‘how many people went to the cinema in London last week?’ If trying to solve that question sounds like a fun way to spend 5 minutes you are a friend of the case-study.

That is all from me for now, if anyone wants to test themselves and hazard a guess at what the answer to that case study is tweet me at @neilsrecco, otherwise I will be updating you again very soon, over and out.