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Today is a sad day because I officially declare the death of the link-builder.


Link-building refers to the process of obtaining back-links to your website from other websites in order to make you more visible in search. Historically it has a reputation for being spammy and in the past link builders often relied heavily on buying links. In reality this aspect of link-building has been a dying art since the Google updates Penguin and Panda. The good news is that as we say goodbye to the link-builder we say hello to content marketer.

I took a trip to our friends at Arena to find out about why great content maketh the man. At Arena this message is unavoidably clear because they have a whole (temporary) wall dedicated to it!

Arena Content Wall

I was talking to Ian, the SEO Director from Arena who explained that it is still important to gain back-links to be as searchable as possible but the way to do this was through great content. An example of this was a piece they produced for a travel company which linked the average amount of weight you could expect to gain when visiting certain destinations. This was an interesting and sharable feature that gained the company a lot of exposure without having to buy any links at all.

In reality it is a happy day. The traditional role of a link-builder was repetitive, menial, unappealing and uncreative (it was seen as a digital call centre type role) but these developments have made the role varied, creative, interesting and has forced people to improve the quality of their content making the digital world a richer place.

That reminds me, I’m off to Rhodes tomorrow, I wonder how much weight I’m going to put on?