A Curious Case of SEO

Another day, another lunch, another attempt to get my lowly comedy night the recognition it deserves! Today’s angle was SEO and for that I had enlisted the help of Hamish from Arena. He was to be my guide through the treacherous minefield of search engine optimisation.

The first discussion we had was about choosing the keywords we should use in our strategy. This means deciding on a set of words we want to appear for when potential punters search for comedy on Google (other search engines are available). The head-scratcher element here is choosing which search terms will give us the best chance of converting (actually convincing people to come to the night).

Queue Kings Cross

Ok so it’s not a queue for my night but it is a queue in Kings Cross!

Hamish suggested highlighting the local element and using the words, ‘comedy night London’. I suggested homing in even further and using ‘comedy night Kings Cross’. The potential benefit of using ‘Kings Cross’ would be that people in the local area may be more inclined to come to comedy because it’s on their doorstep but also ‘Kings Cross’ is a less competitive search term than ‘London’. The drawback of course is that it’s a much narrower market.

This element hasn’t been decided on yet because we are going to use Google Keywords to give us an idea of what people are searching for generally – more on that to come in a later post.

Just as I was finishing my falafel and holloumi wrap, Hamish taught me lesson number two: get some quality content out there. In an earlier post I discussed the death of the traditional link-builder and the rise of content marketing. This was in response to the Penguin and Panda software updates but the benefit of having your link on external relevant sites still remains. ‘Black hat’ methods of spamming, buying links and even hacking other websites still exist but a more advisable route is to create some quality content other websites may like to host or share. With this in mind I am creating a sub-mission of the Curious Case Study of the Crying Duck entitled ‘Operation Crying Content’. The objective here is to write some great content and try to convince relevant comedy websites to publish it – easier said than done I suspect. Of course I will include a link to Crying Duck’s website at the bottom. Sshhh!

That was the end of our lunch but the start of the great SEO adventure…

TOP TIP: Hamish reads the blog blindfiveyearold.com for news and insight into the SEO world.