Branding with Ercan

Ercan Kamil

Over to the opposite side of the table I rolled to speak to Ercan, who is a Senior Performance Media Manager involved in brand performance. As well as doing elements of what Sammy and Matt oversee, Ercan is tasked with driving brand recognition, for example through paid social on Facebook.

Facebook is proving a useful tool for retargeting especially with the type of products MoneySupermarket offers. Car insurance for example is a product that needs annual renewal so when a year has elapsed since the last purchase that user can be targeted with ads for something they clearly need: renewal of their policy. This a good example of how tracking and retargeting can benefit the user because this user is going to need car insurance and by clicking the ad shown to them by MoneySupermarket they are almost certainly going to save money.

Ercan was attracted to the company because of its focus on digital combined with the financial capability and willingness to keep up with such a fast-moving environment. Coming to MoneySupermarket is not the same as moving brand-side at other companies as they do so much in-house. It is almost – as a mentioned in this blog – like moving to a hybrid of agency and brand.