“Comedy Night Kings Cross”

Neil, (played by the Gaffer) and Matt (played by Matt) are working quietly in the office when Neil makes a surprising discovery…

The Gaffer   “What? Google have charged me 86p!”

Matt-Ukelele-150x150  “Why?”

The Gaffer   “I don’t know.”

Matt-Ukelele-150x150 “Maybe you stuck a rogue ad out there and someone’s clicked it.”

The Gaffer   “Oh right yeah, remember when I was showing you Google Adwords and I mocked up that ad? It must have gone out and someone’s clicked it.”

Exit Neil and Matt



Turns out this is exactly what had happened. Behold:

Crying Duck PPC snip

This was exciting! Searching “comedy night kings cross” brings up our paid ad, which from 11 impressions had gained 1 click and cost the gaffer 86p. (Only one click but a fantastic click through rate (CTR) of 9.1%, rounded up of course!)

I have been meaning to run the Adwords campaign for a while but what with certain other incredible blog pieces going out (!) I haven’t had the time. Neil suggested that before I start directing more traffic to the site I should ‘clean house’. By that he means make sure that the website is set up in the best way possible to make a conversion. A conversion in my case being someone actually turning up to the night.

The first thing he pointed out was making a change to the landing page of the website. There is no call to action, no mention of when and where it is and no indication of who is performing that week. All essential things when hoping to capture a new punter who only has 10 seconds to spend on the website.

All this must change so take a last look at the Crying Duck Comedy website today because soon it will be unrecognisable. In a good way. Hopefully.