Curious Case, Step 1.5

I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for the outcome of my attempt to install Google Analytics onto the Crying Duck website. The wait is over… it was a success! Who knew I was such a tech savvy web developer?! Next perhaps I’ll master the art of the email. Or is that wishful thinking?

Enough! Back to the nitty gritty. Let’s have a quick look at the last few days:

First Overview

I will have you know that the flat line is pre-installation of GA but lo-and-behold we have a spike! In the last 3 days we have reached 85 people and the handy map shows us we have reached as far Argentina (1) and India (3). I could infer from this that Crying Duck is three times as popular in India than it is in Argentina, but I won’t!

I was keen to know the reason for spike on the 8th of May and having a look at the page views gave me the answer:

Page views Pie

Displaying the information as a pie chart, the blue section is the home page and the green is Duck Phillips’ Blog. This is a weekly (hilarious) blog from a fictional character about the night, which I posted on Facebook and Twitter on the 8th. Who knew content means traffic!

That’s enough from my terribly basic first step into analytics,