How to Excel in a Media Company

For those of you wondering how the people I meet manage to find me despite having no idea what I look like, here’s a clue:

Hi Phil

I was meeting Phil from OMD International (a media agency) and needless to say he found me.

Phil has spent his professional life so far working in all-round media agencies rather than purely digital agencies but the truth of the matter is that working life is not much different. Part of the reason for this is that despite OMD International working across multi-channel media the company is still digitally focussed. Internally Phil works for Resolution Media which is essentially a digital agency within the company.

Phil explained why this made sense. Everything in the digital market moves so quickly there is the need to specialise in order to move with market forces and technical developments. It is still important to keep abreast of the company as a whole and for this they have ‘build’ meetings (essentially a cross-agency catch up meeting) but it suits Phil to specialise in digital. Resolution Media works on hard KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) when managing campaigns, which has the major benefit of being measurable and quantifiable. Essentially you have the reassurance of knowing when you are performing well which is much harder to be certain of in other sectors within the company.

In the digital environment it is all about trackable data. That being the case there is a lot of data to process and this is where our old friend Excel comes to the rescue. I asked Phil for his three favourite features of Excel:

  • Macros – programming a series of commands to follow (using these Phil recently reduced a 6 hour job to 15 minutes).
  • Pivot Tables – dividing large pools of data into manageable groups.
  • Moving Graphs – displaying large graphs in smaller segments that move across the screen.

We all know by now that a knowledge of Excel is going to stand you in great stead for interviews so these three features are well worth looking into.

So despite working for a media agency Phil is still very much a digital man, Excelling, planning and analysing to his heart’s content.