Matt to walk the aisles of the MoneySupermarket

Two days and counting until I am to spend a day checking out MoneySupermarket – I suppose you could call me the checkout boy (groan).

My plan is to begin the day with an idea of what I want to ascertain from this experience so I thought a good way to start would be to ask myself, what do I know so far?

To my knowledge is a financial aggregator who will find you the best deal for certain financial services and packages. To do this, I would hazard a guess they have a number of systems and algorithms to filter the data they pull in from relevant websites.

Another important branch is of course digital visibility. They have stiff competition from other aggregators such as and I am not sure how their services differ from these other companies but they seem to be offering a fairly similar product (I am prepared to be proved very wrong!) so I imagine our old friends SEO, PPC and RTB are of vital importance in order to keep a nose ahead of their competitors.

Lastly, as a consumer, it is impossible to ignore the fierce competition between these big three aggregators in terms of their use of other media, notably their television advertising campaigns. We all know the meerkats and the opera singer and the ‘You’re So MoneySupermarket’ campaign but how much emphasis do they place on offline media?

MoneySupermarket - Helmet bump

So I have identified three main prongs of operation: the actual aggregating system they use to draw in relevant data, their digital visibility and their use of offline media.

What do I expect to find out?

Well, whether my above thoughts are anywhere near the mark in terms of how the company operates and to do that I shall be talking to people in SEO, RTB, a couple of performance media managers and someone from media technology.

So I’m off to the MoneySupermarket for a day to see just how wrong my ostensibly naive preconceptions are. I’m going to be on my best behaviour and I hope not to provoke the words:

“Clean up in aisle 5”