More than just a ‘social’ media

Had I been more social media savvy I would have tweeted a picture of myself as I stepped in out of the rain to meet Olivia from Halpern. Suffice it to say I was wet. Wetter than an otter’s pocket.

Wet Otter

I had come to seek any pearls of wisdom Olivia could offer me about the ever-changing medium of social media. Originally from an SEO background, Olivia was there when social media started to gain an authority amongst clients who understood the potential of using it as a marketing tool. Now at Halpern, a PR and Communications Consultancy, she works with consumer brands to come up with social media campaigns and strategies.

As the rain continued to drip down my face Olivia explained the benefits of Facebook and Twitter. Something I have learned is that it’s increasingly difficult to appear on a Facebook newsfeed organically but that paid social was becoming more and more effective providing you have good content because of accurate targeting. Twitter is also a great tool for targeted promotions, with Olivia recently having run a very successful event by targeting people’s twitter tags.

One difficulty that still remains in social media is not in tracking results because ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ explicitly tell that story but in quantifying its importance in comparison to PPC, SEO and other avenues outside of digital.

I explained that with my comedy night I was finding it hard to think creatively with social media outside of Facebook and Twitter. Immediately Olivia suggested FourSquare, a mobile app which allows you to check-in much like you do on Facebook except there are deals and offers for the ‘Mayor’ (the person who has checked in the most). This promotes engagement, reach and brand loyalty as well as being quite fun!

I had never heard of FourSquare (although apparently this has been around for a long time) so I asked how she kept up to date with new developments in social media that she could use to stay ahead of the game. The answer? Our old friend Mashable! Did I not tell you that this was a digital mecca to be consumed voraciously until you see the digital media market as descending lines of green numbers? I did. Well, perhaps not the last bit!


And with that, having just dried off, I was back out into the rain. If anyone wants to donate an umbrella, get me on @cryingducksman.