Passion Project: The Road to Employment is Paved with Interesting Articles.

On my travels around the digital agencies of this fair city, a phrase I often hear is, ‘a passion for digital’.

“We want the candidate to display a passion for digital.”

How does one display a passion for digital media? Well firstly of course it depends which part of digital media you are looking to become employed in but as a general rule you can’t go wrong by keeping an eye on some of the trade blogs and websites.

When I met Danielle who was the subject of my blog, But which is Better? Agency of Brand?, she mentioned that to stay on top of what was going on in the digital media world she followed eConsultancy, Brand Republic and Mashable. I thought I would take a quick dip into one of these to see what the fuss was about. Website of choice? Mashable.


When explaining the benefits of the programmatic buying market I mentioned targeted ads on YouTube. The first thing I noticed on Mashable was this article about YouTube making videos ‘shoppable’ by which they mean being able to click on items within a video (they use the example of a handbag) in order to bring up product information and even the option to purchase. If you were to mention this in an interview you would be displaying both a desire to keep up to date with the market and knowing where to look.

On the social media/outreach side of things I found this article trying to explain why certain videos go viral. Informative and entertaining, drop a few snippets from this article into an interview and you are going some way to displaying a passion for digital media as well as a knowledge of the importance of content and outreach.

Visiting these sites regularly is going to be really beneficial both in terms of keeping informed of digital developments as well as having the side effect of adding another string to your bow in interview situations. Forget displaying a passion for digital media, read enough articles on these sites and you just might develop one!

Of course if they don’t have this effect on you no need to despair, someone has invented this handy Infallible Career Path Generator.