PPC with Matt

Matt Lewis

I rolled down the desk two places (I was on a wheely stool) to meet Matt who was working on PPC as well as lining up a playlist for the speakers in the middle of the table. Three notable tracks were: My Heart Will Go On, Don’t Cry for Me Argentina and Candle in the Wind. Back-to-back…

Matt, another Performance Media Manager, was assessing PPC results for various groups of key words and phrases. It was here that I was introduced to the idea of head terms and tail terms. Head terms being the most commonly searched phrases (e.g. ‘life insurance’) and tail terms being the less common phrases (e.g. ‘cheap life insurance quotes’). It is often the case that PPC for the head terms has a low profitability but is more about maintaining the top position for paid search and fending off competitors.

Matt is involved in all biddable media rather than solely PPC and that was one of the attractions for joining MoneySupermarket. The integrated nature of the company means that you can occupy a more varied role and this lack of segregation makes everything a bit more transparent and fluid.