RTB with Sammy

Sammy Austin

I was then handed over to Sammy, who was to tell me about her role as a Performance Media Manager in RTB (real time bidding). Sammy introduced me to the idea of dropping a cookie on a user when they visit MoneySupermarket’s website and then bidding on that user to show them display ads as they visit other websites. This is a process within RTB called retargeting which you can read about in more detail here.

One of the interesting things about this team is that Sammy has her own creative sitting next to her who can knock up a display add to her specifications in no time at all. This is an example of the integrated nature of MoneySupermarket and one of the innovative reasons that Sammy decided to join the company in the first place.

Sammy explained to me how rich the data was that they collect because of the nature of obtaining a quote from a comparison site and this helps her when trying to attract partners (those companies that appear in the price comparisons). Partnering with MoneySupermarket means access to their data and expertise for their campaigns. There is another element of trying to access premium environments (e.g. a homepage takeover on the Guardian) in order to try to build a private marketplace.

Sammy also mentioned that MoneySupermarket was a great place to work because the company is open to new ideas, the active social side and flexitime.