SEO with Jack

Jack Adams

Everyone so far had sat in the same team so it was an exciting journey down one floor to see my next sensei, Jack. Jack is another Performance Media Manager the big difference this time being that he works in SEO.

Another interesting twist is that he works in one of MoneySupermarket’s subsidiary companies, MoneySavingExpert. MoneySupermarket bought MoneySavingExpert last year and Jack’s role encompasses organic search, social media and client management. A large part of SEO in this case is achieving back-links (read about this in another handy blog!) but also they can drive a lot of organic interest through content in their huge discussion forums. He emphasised that the attraction of the job was that he is working with the best-of-the-best on a huge scale which allows them to move dynamically in such a rapidly changing market.

We had reached the end of the day meaning the beer fridge had been opened and just as someone pressed a cold beer into my grateful hand Jack mentioned something that under-pinned the whole day: a huge attraction of working here is that the cause is brilliant. They are trying to save people money. A quick visit to and you will find free resources in the shape of forms to print out, articles to read and forums for advice that will save you money or help you reclaim money that you are owed. They are on our side!