Step 1? Google Analytics.

Followers of this blog will know that I have embarked on a personal project as part of our voyage of discovery into the digital world. I have named this project: The Curious Case of the Crying Duck.

In short I am attempting to promote my own comedy night using some tips, tools and strategy from our good friends in the digital market.

Of course there was no point in moving forward with our case study before we had some way of measuring our success and with that in mind I shot off to meet Dave from iProspect who is a Web Analytics and Conversion Optimisation specialist. Award-winning Dave is something of a digital hotshot which I verified by checking out his website! He pointed me in the direction of Google Analytics and stressed the importance of using this tool correctly.

Without close attention to the analytics of your site you are simply investing time and money without having any idea what is effective and what is potentially ineffective. Likewise you are able to discover what sort of content is popular so you know what to push. Another useful aspect of Google Analytics that Dave mentioned was being able to see what people are searching for which enables you to make sure you are not missing out on popular search terms.

In short (again) Google Analytics is my answer for monitoring the progress we make and with that in mind I created an account today and have (hopefully!) installed it correctly to the site. Apparently it takes an initial 24 hours to process the information so at the moment it doesn’t make for pleasant reading!

First CD analyticsStep 1? Complete… hopefully!