Tech with Dan

Dan Higgins

It was now Dan’s turn to heap wisdom upon me but first I had to wait for him to return from yoga! Another of MoneySupermarket’s perks was this relaxing lunchtime exercise; Dan assures me he has mastered the downwards dog.

Dan is a Media Systems Associate which means, aside from yoga, he is involved in the more technical end of the process. He uses various software including, BlueKai, Google Analytics and Adometry to capture and process data from MoneySupermarket’s users.

Dan spoke passionately about all three of these tools but none more so than Adometry which he feels so strongly about that a sticker of their logo occupies the entire back of his mobile phone. Adometry is an attribution managment platform (AMP) and amongst other things it is able to accurately attribute the effectiveness of each display ad a user may have encountered during the process of conversion. For example if a user has seen a banner ad a week before coming straight to the site to convert, Adometry will be able to apportion the correct credit to that banner ad. This is very important when deciding on the strategy for future campaigns.

The technical team don’t directly play around with site code as would a developer, they are more like technically minded project managers and testers who:

  • understand the technology enough to know what it’s possible to get the tech to do for MoneySupermarket.
  • understand what they need to get their developers and tech providers to do in order to set up the tech.
  • test that the end-to-end process works for the tech.
  • teach others in the company how to use the tech for their roles.

Dan was a man who really loved his job at MoneySupermarket, citing the diversity of his role, the working environment, the social activities and the people themselves as the main reasons for this.