Travel with Chris

Chris T

Just before Dan could talk my ear clean off I nipped over to see Chris who works as a Performance Media Manager for TravelSupermarket. Chris is working on building and improving the travel branch of the company by attracting more partners, setting up exclusive deals and improving their search positions.

This is a much more competitive market because they are up against all aspects of travel e.g. flights, holidays, transfers etc and an added difficulty is that PPC-wise travel has an enormous tail (i.e. very high amount and variation of tail terms). This means that PPC campaigns are less profitable but just as, if not more, important. Traditionally, PPC has been seen as a channel that needs to make money whereas at MoneySupermarket they see marketing as a whole so the importance of PPC is not necessarily measured on how much money is made directly from that channel.

An interesting point Chris raised was that in travel comparison you often end up listing your competitors in the comparison results. The challenge is to ensure the user comes to TravelSupermarket first.

The best thing about MoneySupermarket for Chris is the space for innovation and that if you think of an idea you can do it. Because it is so integrated, even if the idea is not in your channel you can go to Finance to ask for the money to test it and invariably they will give the go-ahead. Likewise this integration means that things are much more transparent, everyone has the same data, there are no backlogs and if there are any problems you can go directly to the source to iron it out.