Content in a Deli

Now, if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I love a deli. So when Matt from iProspect mentioned to me that he had “discovered an amazing deli next to Warren Street if you want to grab a sandwich,” I had very little choice.

Matt Thompson

In truth I had asked to meet Matt because I wanted to find out about the nuts and bolts of content marketing. Having done an advertising degree Matt had fallen into the digital market almost by accident and began life as an SEO copywriter. This was a time before the Google updates of Panda and Penguin so a large part of his role here was link-buying. I came to the digital market after these updates so I find the concept of link-buying fascinating.

“So you actually pick up the phone, call someone, and say, can I give you £50 to get a link on your website?”


Anyway, as we all know, Google changed the rules, those days are long gone and now we live in a world where content wins. I have already alluded to the importance of good, shareable content in other blogs and Matt put his emphasis on the content strategy.

On joining his previous company he got busy with this straight away and was writing 18 newsletters a week in order to reach the right people with relevant content. This company recruited into the online and offline iGaming and video games sectors and to make the recruiters seem like experts in their fields Matt ghost wrote blogs for them which were published on LinkedIn. Finally, again using LinkedIn, Matt built a community for those in the video game market (designers, graphic engineers etc) to interact and from there his company was able to open a dialogue with these potential candidates and clients.

In his new role at iProspect the content creation is largely outsourced as per the strategy that Matt has put together for the client, which is where he is happiest. As we neared the end of our conversation he left me with a little insight that was right up my street: shareable content is funny content. As good examples of this he mentioned The Onion, The Poke and perhaps surprisingly Ladbrokes.


Eventually we finished our giant deli sandwiches and Matt rushed back to work. I walked back to Neil’s trying to think of a joke for this blog. Still thinking…