Google Gives up the Golf

Browsing through my new favourite website, Mashable (it’s actually number 3 of course, behind Neil’s Recruitment and Crying Duck), I stumbled across this article which references a few changes to Google’s hiring process.

Hiring is always something we’re interested in at Neil’s Recruitment so I thought I’d take a look and the first point of interest was that they have decided to stop using ‘brainteasers’ in interviews. When they say brainteaser they are referring to questions such as “How many golf balls can fit into an airplane?” which were designed to test people’s problem-solving abilities.


Probably need a few more than this, how big’s the plane?

You may know them as ‘case studies’ and they are often asked in interviews because problem-solving is a key attribute in the digital market; in fact I encountered them in one of my first ever blogs. Google of course have moved on to more “behavioural interviews” although currently I can’t shed too much light on this process.

The other point the article highlights which falls into the category of ‘interesting’ is that “Google is hiring more people with no college experience”. Well this is a trend that already exists in a number of our clients including Steak, M/Six and Zenith Optimedia. They have recognised that if a candidate is strong academically then they can often learn the digital aspects ‘on the job’. If this sounds like you then don’t forget to visit our entry-level jobs page.

So thanks to Mashable we know that Google are changing the way they hire, although perhaps this time they are not so far ahead of the field.