Ian gives us a piece of his mind

10.55am and the anticipation was building as Neil, Nik and I were trying to work out the optimum combination of laptop and Ipad. We decided on this:


That settled and ignoring the problem of Neil’s internet connection repeatedly disappearing it was business time.

Ian was keen for our audience to understand the process of receiving a brief from a company all the way to the eventual campaign strategy. Initial hurdles are things like budget, targets and timescale. If someone wants instant results for example, it may well be best to reject a brief and point them towards PPC.

For those looking to work in SEO Ian suggested that to both learn about and display a knowledge of the subject you should be playing around with your own website. To help with the SEO side of the website Ian mentioned the free tool Microsoft IIS Toolkit or if you have a bit of money to spend, Screaming Frog.

My personal highlight was the case-studies Ian highlighted as this really gave me an idea of how effective SEO can be. On the outreach side Ian cited a company who supplied football boots which, through outreach, Ian’s team managed to get featured on 30-50 websites taking them from somewhere on page two in rankings to number one.

They are just a few snippets but the whole thing was fascinating so if you want to catch up on the entire presentation then click here and enter the secret password: iloveneilsrecruitmentco

Want more free training? Ian has also put together a video on the subject of measuring enterprise level SEO and here Nick, another friend of Neil’s Recruitment Company, asks how good is your content marketing?