MoneySupermarket’s Training Day: The Inside Story.

It was 9am, the air was crisp, the atmosphere electric. Niklas and the graduates had successfully rendezvoused in the reception of MoneySupermarket‘s impressive building.

Several floors above them was the home of MoneySupermarket, one the most advanced, integrated and innovative digital media companies in the business and today they had agreed to divulge some pearls of wisdom to a selection of Neil’s Recruitment Company’s grads.

MS logo

They were met by Jess, given a tour of the building (lots of gasps and ooohs) and then introduced to the first item of the day, breakfast. Niklas described this in incredible detail but I shall paraphrase: porridge, pastries, muesli, fruit. Nice.

Appropriately fueled our excited graduates were led into the presentation room where they were to learn everything there is to know about digital media. MoneySupermarket have their own internal ‘Digital Academy’ which they use to educate staff on areas of the business outside of individual specialities; an example of how they use integration for innovation. So our grads were learning from the gospel according to MoneySupermarket. Pretty cool.


Jack kicked off proceedings with a presentation about Organic Performance and was followed up by experts on PPCRTBPaid SocialMedia Systems and Content. For more details on this read my blog about my trip there earlier this year where I received a similar education.

After each session there was a Q&A and a quiz and I am pleased to announce that all of our grads passed thus receiving the heady title of Graduates of MoneySupermarket’s Digital Academy! Pearls of wisdom received it was time to call it a day and in true Neil’s Recruitment Company style this meant taking everyone to the pub!

Our grads had a great day across the board, to find out what they thought in their words, click here. A huge thank you to MoneySupermarket for investing so much time and effort into the training, we’re looking forward to the next one!