The Warring Houses of Social Media

Finally my work-life and home-life have come together in glorious unison. An avid ‘Game of Thrones‘ fan, (I shall be watching the new episode tonight: The Rains of Castamere!) you can imagine my joy at seeing a GoF themed infographic about social media. 


It touches on a very interesting point about how the various powerhouses of social media deal with this competition and integration with each other. Despite their friendly personas, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are competing businesses constantly under attack from new and emerging companies such as Vine and Instagram. I found the infographic, which has been shared 8,700 times, on our old pal Mashable – you can read about why Mashable should be saved in your bookmarks here.

Infographics in general are very useful pieces of content because they are easily digestible and very shareable. Our very own Neil of Neil’s Recruitment produced (with a little help) an infographic displaying the various groups and companies of the digital market as stars and planets in a solar system. It proved to be very popular in the digital world and had the effect of making us the number one result in organic search when searching for ‘recruitment company’.

A case study of how and why the Digital Agency Star Chart was so successful is in the pipeline so you can look forward to that as I look forward to The Rains of Castamere.

I’m still cool, right?