Oh, so this is RTB!

Well, it finally happened. Someone successfully and succinctly answered the question ‘What is RTB?’. The man in question was Luke from Amnet who led our free training session on Tuesday.

*Spoiler Alert* it’s really interesting and exceptionally useful!


Training Screenshot

Click the image to view the session

For those of you of that haven’t attended one of our webinars this is what it looks like, so you can see the speaker, presentation and chat bar simultaneously. Pretty handy.

From a personal perspective what I find so useful about these free training sessions that we run is finding out how specific companies work. I think this really gives you the nuts and bolts of the subject. RTB has traditionally been a grey area when it comes to definitions, largely because it is so dynamic and progressive, and this from Luke is by far the best explanation I have encountered.

Rather than me explaining the explanation I advise you to click here to watch the presentation. You will need to know the secret password which is “tellmemoreaboutRTB”.

At the end of the session we had a great Q&A where a number of informed questions were posed and answered with aplomb, such as:

Webinar questions copy

It was a fantastically interesting and useful session with loads of information about how to get into the market and help with applying for roles.

A big thanks to Luke for putting it all together for us.