RTB – clearer than Freud and Chicken

Chicken was the order of the day as I sat down with Tim from Amnet. He had a burger I had a sandwich. What are the psychological implications of that? I don’t know. 

freud chicken

One thing I do know however is that Tim works in RTB (real time bidding) which is something he knew next to nothing about 4 months ago. As we all know by now, RTB is a rapidly expanding section of the digital market that deals in buying advertising space through an auction based platform. It is also notoriously difficult to explain so I put it to Tim to do it in three sentences (I realise I just did it in one!). Here’s what he came up with:

  • The buying of audiences at scale.
  • Like eBay, but you’re buying “impressions” not “vintage” crap.
  • The future of online advertising.

Not bad. Not bad.

Tim’s story is an interesting one in that he is living proof that having a solid background in a maths-based subject (maths, physics, economics) is enough to get you into the world of digital media. Tim is a physics grad and has a penchant for tech companies as well as being proactively digital, for example at university he ran several twitter accounts and a student Facebook page that amassed 10,000 likes.

This is all very well but how did he learn about RTB? He dived in at the deep-end. Along with the training Amnet provided, he read everything he could on the subject and has learnt on the job. He also did a lot of research before the interview as well as speaking to our very own Neil who apparently is full of helpful information.

I mentioned the word ‘data’ and Tim’s eyes lit up. Data is king in this world because more good quality data means more accurate targeting. Accurate targeting means more efficiency which all means a better ROI (return on investment). The efficiency of RTB is what is contributing to the rapid expansion of the industry. In the four months Tim has been at Amnet the number of people in his team has doubled.

Conveniently, if this has whetted your appetite for RTB, Luke from Amnet is holding a webinar on Wednesday 24th (tomorrow) at 2pm entitled: What is Real Time Bidding? An introduction. All the info you need to join is on the website here.

We had both finished our chicken so parted ways. What are the psychological implications of that? I don’t know.