The Language of SEO

Someone I’ve had on my radar since sharing a football pitch with him in that 5-a-side tournament we never talk about is Adrian from iProspect. He works in SEO but I was really interested to find out how much he uses his language skills within his role.


Neil’s Recruitment 5-a-side team circa 2013

Adrian speaks Spanish and he uses it frequently with one particular international client. In fact it was a pivotal factor in Adrian getting the job in the first place. Two interesting things came out of this, firstly how useful an extra language is in all forms of business and secondly that Adrian said he didn’t know a huge amount about SEO before he started the job. We see it time and again that in the digital market employers are often looking for core skills in candidates – such as maths, economics, physics or a language – that they can then train instead of employing a finished product.

We had been walking to find a seat in the sun and suddenly things took and interesting turn, specifically a right turn. As we rounded a corner we bumped into a couple of familiar faces!

iProspect Dream Team

You might say I had iProspect’s SEO dream team sat in front of me, you might say that. It was time to put Adrian on the spot and test his skills in front his peers so I asked him for his top three SEO tips to improve the search ranking of my comedy night’s website.

Adrian’s first top tip was to hone in on the location aspect and register with Google Places. A piece of advice that was met with murmurs of approval. He had passed the first test. His second tip was to make sure the website was technically sound, no duplicate content, no 404 errors and that all the meta data was correct. Nods of agreement all round the table, Jeremy even flirted with a round of applause but it wasn’t appropriate at this point. With only the knock-out punch remaining Adrian drew breath and suggested an off-site PR campaign to get quality bloggers and journalists talking about and linking to the website.

He’d knocked it out of the park. He’d proved his spurs. We hoisted him onto our shoulders and walked off into the sunset. Success. That’s the real language of SEO.