We Need to Talk About Kevin

The above title is taken from a great film but one I would never advise anyone to see; it’s a tough watch (see evil eyes below). Conversely, I recently met an SEO and site conversion specialist called Kevin who I would advise anyone with an interest in ranking number 1 in Google search to see. (How’s that for a segway?) In other words, you need to talk to Kevin.

Kevin Snip

When speaking to people about Crying Duck Comedy there is a consensus that the angle in terms of SEO is to go for the local market. Kevin backed this up and suggested a local Google+ page as well as Yahoo and Bing (remember them?) business listings. He also said I was missing a trick by not having the address of the night on every page of the website.

To demonstrate this we visited the website of one of the most successful comedy clubs in London who sure enough had their address littered all over the website. Having a look at your competitors is a top tip and we saw that most established comedy nights list all the big-name comedians they have coming up on the home page of their website. Currently on Crying Duck’s website you would have to go looking for these.

Another quick top tip is the website addthis.com which provides you with the code you need to add social and sharing buttons to your site.

Social buttons snip

Something that I have been ignoring but Kevin stressed the importance of is the more behind the scenes SEO. The first stop was page titles and using these to your advantage. With a page title you have 72 characters to play with so use them to you advantage.

With SEO, the main goal is to make yourself as visible as possible so flag yourself to Google by using relevant headings, tags and in your site’s meta data.

Something that I find hard to gauge is how much difference all these techniques actually make. “Massive” was Kevin’s response and he thought it was entirely possible to rank number 1 for ‘London comedy night’ if I made all the changes he suggested. Sure enough the company he worked for, who had far larger competitiors, ranked number 1 under his guidance. For more examples have a look at the free webinar we held recently where, among other examples, Ian (from Arena) takes us through how they managed to take a company selling football boots from search obscurity (page 2) to ranking number 1.

Kevin’s message was that every little helps and if you use all the SEO tools available to you you will rank highly. I said it at the start and I’ll say it again, you need to talk to Kevin.