Xaxis and the Temple of Group M

Walking into the offices of Xaxis one thing was clear, this was the big-time. And realistically speaking it is as they are an arm of Group M which is the largest media agency network in the UK. It’s worth having a look at how it all fits together on our digital agency star chart.

As you may expect the office was an impressive place to be. So much so that as I walked across a bridge over the atrium to where we were having our meeting, this image sprang to mind.

We were there to discuss the future. The future of digital, the future of the company and the future of their recruitment methods. It was shaping up to be an interesting meeting.

There is a phrase so widely used now that it is almost clichéd and that is that RTB is the future of digital. RTB stands for real time bidding which is the process of buying display advertising through an auction-based platform. I have written about it in several blogs so have a peruse but it is perhaps best explained here (even if I do say so myself!). The reason it is heralded as the future of digital (although Xaxis has been trading since 2008) is because it is so targeted and refined that it delivers a very high ROI (return on investment). If RTB is the engine that powers ROI, the fuel necessary to make it tick is data.

I have mentioned that Group M are a large company, in the meeting words like gargantuan, massive and huge featured in almost every sentence. An off-shoot of being so large is that they have mountains of rich data. Xaxis is the aggregator and organiser of this data and it is growing fast. They currently oversee 320 billion impressions annually across over 1,000 clients and have the largest team of automated traders in the world. They recognise that the larger the amount of quality data you have the better you can target your audience which means a higher ROI for the client. For us, the upside of this growth is that they are always in need of good entry-level candidates!

Here’s another area where Xaxis are looking to the future. Although there will always be entry-level roles for graduates, Xaxis are very keen on recruiting school-leavers (read Neil’s article on that here by the way). This is not a new idea, M/Six and Zenith Optimedia (amongst others), are looking at this as an option but Xaxis are determined to employ candidates from the more dispossessed sectors of society. They have previously held open days to try to help potential candidates who fall into this category into employment with them and have plans to work with 12 of London’s most deprived estates to this end. This is an exciting prospect and at the risk of throwing another cliché at you, watch this space.

So Xaxis are looking to the future and so are we. So should you. It’s coming, and there’s nothing to be scared of.

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