*Graduate Jobs Update*

What happens when I ask Neil if we have any new grad jobs to blog out? He throws four my way!

The first one looks like a really cool role as an SEO Trainee at a great company in Camden called Forward.  You’ll be working to build relationships with bloggers and gain back-links. You will need a basic knowledge of SEO so it’s worth checking out our SEO centred blogs and this article from Moz.

Forward have another trainee role, this time in PPC so of course this is a bit more analytical and you will need a maths based background. Did I mention that Forward have their own cinema and jam room (music not strawberry)?

We also have this Digital Executive role at L’Oreal which is largely developing and executing CRM strategy. They’re looking for someone with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Finally we’ve found this role at Maxymiser which is a Digital Optimisation Analyst grad position. Again this is an analytical role so have a look if that sounds like you. It’s the top job on the list here.