How Pinteresting!

So I turn my back and go to Edinburgh for one second and what does Neil do? He sets up a Pinterest board. It may well be packed full of great content which is both interesting and informative but I can’t help but feel he’s done it behind my back. Nevertheless Neil has the right idea because Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks around, being worth $2.5 billion having only been founded three years ago.


Here’s a little article detailing Pinterest’s rise to popularity along with some creative ways of using the medium. Some of the more charitable boards really point to how useful social media can be in the changing world. Do go and have a look at Neil’s Recruitment Company’s board, there are loads of wonderful sketches and designs explaining various parts of the digital media market.

On the subject of social media’s power in the changing world I have been to Edinburgh with some of Crying Duck Comedy‘s finest comedians. We were just dipping our toes in the water this year with a five day show (smashed it if you’re asking) but something I found interesting was the way that some other comedians were using social media to get an edge. A friend of mine was selling his show out everyday through social media campaigns (I’ll find out the details for you later) whereas the old guard were flyering all day on the Royal Mile and only filling half the room.

Anyway, my point is I’m back! Have a look at, and then of course follow, our board on Pinterest and look forward to some much better blogs from me in the coming days!