We’re nothing if not Resourceful.

Well, we’ve done it!

You no longer have to look any further than Neil’s Recruitment Company’s website in order to start your career in digital media. This is because we have put together a set of resource guides for each area of the digital market we recruit into.


So what’s in these resource pages? Well, some of you will already know about our free training webinars we hold, which are led by our friends and experts in the market. All these are collected on the resource pages along with my relevant blogs and these provide excellent overviews and insights.

We have also designed and commissioned original pictures and diagrams to demonstrate how certain aspects of the market works.

What else we got? Loads of external links detailing how to stay on top of the market such as who to follow on twitter, which trade blogs to read and any other resource we think can help you to improve your knowledge.

We have also included some questions to answer which we think will make you bullet proof in an interview, along with some maths tests and basic Excel tutorials.

Finally, when you reach the bottom of the page you’ll see me telling a digital media “joke”. Whether you class it as a reward or punishment is up to you!

So if you are looking to find out about a certain area of the digital market or want to brush up before an interview do visit our resource pages.