And so we went Ape

Standing on a tiny wooden platform fifty feet up in a giant oak tree, she stared down at the forest floor below. A desperate gulp. Her head started spinning and with a frantic look to the sky that seemed to say “this is it” her feet slipped from the platform.

Luckily Nicola was wearing a harness attached to three metal cables and it was only a short swing to the cargo net, her destination. What the Dickens was going on?

Trent Park had opened its gates to Neil’s Recruitment Company because in honour of our 3rd birthday we had decided to Go Ape, a tree-scaling, zip-lining adventure experience where there is only one rule: ALWAYS STAY ATTACHED.

Tree Walk

Neil had insisted on wearing his favourite outfit for the occasion despite our protestations but I have to admit he did look a real treat.

Monkey Neil

So there we were, climbing through the trees, over various obstacles and walkways. It was becoming a very relaxing peaceful occasion until things turned sour. Niklas, in a bid to overtake monkey man Neil at the head of the pack, clipped one of his cables to the wire ahead of Neil’s and as he was attempting to do the same with the other Neil was busy unclipping Nik’s first clip to restore the natural order. Then a realisation. NIKLAS WAS NOT ATTACHED!

What happened next, fifty feet in air, I cannot divulge, tears were shed, things were said but no one… became… dead.

Dan meanwhile was busy laughing his head off as we all did once Niklas was safely attached again. The rest of the afternoon was a wonderful blur of zip lines, tough climbs and good times capped off with a cracking company meal in Soho.

The Whole Gang

I would like to say a big thanks to Neil for treating me and the crew to a great time and of course ‘VIVA NRCO’!

Oh, and this happened: