Brand Strategy with Sara


Perched on my leather sofa I was rattling through victims and next on the list was Sara, a Brand Strategy Director. She described her role as creative, business problem-solving and it was in this interview I heard the phrase “we can do anything”.

Sara explained that during a campaign a client may come to her with a new direction or suggest that a campaign isn’t doing what it should be doing so her team identifies the problem, comes up with a new brief and more often than not, solves it! It won’t be a case of going back to the drawing board, more one of moderating. For example if a global brief isn’t performing in a certain country they will modify and tweak the campaign possibly by tagging on some supplementary localised campaigns or exploring another channel.

Sara came to Carat because she liked the feel and the people but also because of its cutting-edge nature. Cutting edge because despite seeming like a traditional media agency on the face of it, Carat differs by being part of the Aegis group who as a collective of companies work closely together toward communal success meaning it behaves like a full-service in-house agency, only that the house is enormous.

What’s the best thing about working for Carat according to Sara? Well the people are certainly the front-runners here but also the open communication for example they have a soap box meeting every Thursday for raising ideas and issues. Sarah was off to a shoot for Bodyform that she had organised for a campaign, and that was when she mentioned that the cool thing about working for Carat is that they “can do anything”.

I had one last question, especially as she was from New York. Did she watch Mad Men? No!