Digital with Rachael


Daisy was replaced by Rachael whose job was to work on strategy for digital media planning and buying. This was sounding like more of a familiar field to me until she mentioned she had just returned from Bestival where she had been capturing an event for seeding on YouTube.

Straight away Rachael reminded me that there was room for creativity throughout the varying roles at Carat. In this particular case their Live team had run an event at Bestival which the Digital team thought would be good to capture and seed in digital channels. So off they went to Bestival. As Sarah said, if they see an opportunity they can capitalise on then they can do anything!

Rachael has a good technical knowledge of digital media so is able to make informed decisions as to which parts of digital should be used in a campaign. If they decide to do something technical they would “outsource” to sister agency iProspect – an example of the different companies in this media group working collaboratively.

Social response is another side to Rachael’s job which means reacting to activities on social media. There is a great case-study of this on their website from the Bodyform spoof response which was actually filmed in Carat’s office (click here to watch). Here it is very much about short-term reactivity and knowing which resource to pull on.

The best things about Carat for Rachael are the people and the opportunities. She also mentioned the School of You and the bursaries they give for things like learning Spanish or Web Design. There is also the opportunity to move around within the company and a good chance you will be able to work on a pitch or two. The cherry on the cake for Rachael was the part-funded company ski trip and ‘thirst days’ where some money goes behind the bar as a reward for all the hard work.