Direct Response with Daisy


Still scratching my head about the Mad Men conspiracy I was pleased to see another new recruit join me on the sofa. Daisy is a Direct Response Assistant and her job is to get people to do things. Easier said than done?

Working in Direct Response, getting people do things means convincing them to call a number, or visit a website, it is nearer the implementation end of the campaign process. She is always looking for the most efficient use of the budget so will test effectiveness of a campaign for example by using different telephone numbers in different newspapers to see which readership responds the best.

When dealing with the budget the Direct Response team will have to phase it day-to-day or week-to-week depending on outside influences on certain campaigns. For example during half-term they might decide to reduce the budget of a campaign because it’s likely many target families have gone away.

Having studied History at uni, as a recent graduate Daisy didn’t know an awful lot about media other than that she wanted to work in it. So to get a better idea she read a countless blogs about different companies to give herself a more informed picture of the media landscape. Now she’s there, the best thing about working for Carat is all the opportunities such as the School of You and raved about the School of You library (“with actual books!”) as well as external companies like ITV coming in to give presentations.