New Business with Clare


So far I had solved the mysteries of planning, insight, and brand strategy, now it was time to acquire some new business with Clare. Clare’s past is in Communications and Planning but a recent move has seen her join the New Business department. So what’s it all about?

A large part of the job of trying to get new business onboard is sourcing relevant companies, pursuing business leads and approaching them in interesting ways. For example, recently Clare sent bottles of Gordon’s Gin to prospective new business with relevant surveys on the labels. This she explained may not immediately reap rewards but a big part of the chase is staying on the radar.

A company who Carat chased for many years recently came over to them after a successful pitch. Clare explained about how they customised the room especially for the client.

Then comes the pitch itself before which they hold a pitch chemistry meeting to see which team will be best suited to pitch to the client and after many rehearsals and critiques from the new business team the pitch will take place.

All this talk of pitches and new business was feeling very Mad Men to me so I posed the question again. This time Clare had seen Mad Men but hadn’t enjoyed it! There was something strange going on here.