Talent Acquisition with Caitlin


Caitlin met me at reception where I had been watching the news on a 10 foot high projection screen. A quick tour of the kitchen and with coffee in hand I was ready to learn about Carat.

She was keen to point out their coat of arms with the ‘School of You‘ motto which represents learning and personal progression. More of that later.

I did some digging about the sort of person Carat are looking to enrol in their School of You and she mentioned wanting people who are passionate about brands and media as well as being innovative thinkers. There is lots of scope for creativity here. She wanted strong communicators with a good academic background who are still keen to learn. Finally she mentioned a good sense of humour but before I could mention my comedy night it was time for guest number one.

I can’t avoid saying that Caitlin was boundless in her enthusiasm for the company. This seemed to be a place where people loved to work. It was my job to find out why.