Want to know about PPC? Soo me.

Have I ever mentioned before that we at Neil’s Recruitment hold free training sessions? No? Well your next stop should be here at our free training page where you’ll find webinars held by our friends and experts in the digital market. But first…


Today we held one of our best sessions to date about the rise and evolution of PPC. Chris Soo, the Head of Digital over at Razorfish took us through what PPC is and how it has grown, changed and adapted with Google as we gain a greater understanding of online user behaviour.

He also had some interesting points to make about the future of SEO. Of course Google’s ultimate aim is to make money and they do this through their paid ads. To this end they are working to make the search pages much richer with paid ad content such as videos and price comparisons. So where does this leave SEO?

Chris gave some handy recruitment tips and mentioned that when he started he was a computer science graduate but as the market has changed they are after a much different breed of graduate. He also touched upon our changing relationship with technology and what the prospects are of having ten-year-olds with Twitter accounts!

It was a fantastic session and you can watch the whole thing simply by clicking here. Don’t forget to visit our free training page for other sessions and if you have any other questions we have put together a whole set of resource guides that will be up to the task.