Carl Fernandes: King of CRO

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Carl from iProspect host one of our free training webinars on the subject of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Before I continue, my advice is to go and watch it because it was another fascinating one.

He warmed us up with an analogy about a mayor and his wife before launching into why the urinals in Dutch airports were an example of behavioural economics – proving that this was going to be informative and entertaining in equal measure.

Carl explained that whilst most online effort is focused on driving traffic to a website, if the website is not set up effectively to make a conversion then this is a lot of wasted effort. He took us through some of the tools they use to measure users’ journeys and touchpoints on a website and emphasised that it is the website’s job to be as clear and appealing as possible.

This is the point that made my brain start to tick. As most of you will know I, Matthew Comras, am trying to sell tickets for a comedy night. So with Carl’s words ringing in my ears I wondered whether my website ( was optimised in the ways he was describing. Let’s take a look.

The screen shot on the left is how my website looked before I watched Carl’s webinar. As you can see although, yes, there is a call to action the wording is fluffy, where to click is unclear and it’s certainly not appealing.

The example on the right is post Carl. After a quick session in Photoshop, hopefully I have created a much clearer call to action in that there is an arrow and a button, the wording is less passive and I’ve added media in the form of an image of the venue including their logo. I have added a further line underneath which tells the user to scroll down and gives them two reasons: watch a video and sign up to the mailing list.

Whilst I doubt we’ll sell out overnight, I’m sure this will make a marginal difference. The long-winded (me?) point I’m trying to make here is that these webinars we host are really useful and really practical. So go and watch this one and peruse our others if you haven’t already. We are starting to hear from employers that they look favourably on those that have watched our training and some candidates are adding it to their CVs. Last bit of advice: be proactive. If you have a story like mine where you have watched a training session and then applied it to something you are involved in it will give that little bit extra you might need to nail that interview.