Crying Duck Paid Social – was it worth it?

Off the back of our free training session we held on paid advertising in social media I thought I would try a little experiment which I explained about in this hopeful post from last week.

In a nutshell I was trying to sell tickets to the Crying Duck Comedy Showcase which is a new comedy night I am promoting. Facebook was to be my weapon of choice.

CDC FB post

So at this stage rather than creating a Facebook ad and targetting it as accurately as possible at what I suppose is my demographic, I chose to experiment with a boosted post. Now, the financial aspect has to be considered here to see if it was worth it. The tickets for the show cost £9 and I spent £10 on boosting the post, simply meaning that I had to sell at least two tickets to make this worth it.

Let’s have a look at the results.

This is an insights table based on the last 6 posts from the Crying Duck Facebook page.

All posts insight

So what we see is that the boosted post has far outperformed all the others in terms of reach. Reach, however, is only the first step in the process because we are looking for engagement and ultimately conversion. Let’s look a bit closer.

For the organic post at the bottom of this table, whilst the reach is roughly 90% smaller that the boosted, you could argue that the engagement is about the same and further to that, the amount of people actually interacting in the shape of ‘likes, comments & shares’ is higher. Looking back at the boosted post we can see that there were 136 ‘post clicks’ and given that I’m taking two ticket sales as a success this time around, things are looking promising. Again, let’s look a bit closer.

Insight clicks

So as it turns out, we can see from this graphic that from all the reach and engagement that we had, there were only 8 link clicks. The link click is the important part because this takes the user to the online box office where they can convert. Now, naturally, just because someone goes to the box office doesn’t mean they have converted but it’s a good start.

Unfortunately this is where the trail goes cold! I don’t have analytics available for the theatre’s website so I can’t say for sure whether anyone converted. If anyone has any ideas how I might be able to get around this please let me know. I really couldn’t hazard a guess here. I would like to think that at least one of those 8 users would have bought a couple of tickets but it is perfectly conceivable that this is not the case.

Sorry for the damp squib of an ending there. Next week, depending on how ticket sales are going I may create a targetted Facebook ad and send it out there. In the meantime, if anyone fancies buying a ticket to the best comedy night in town, just click here!