Digital Events on the Horizon

Mr Dan Handley, aka the brains behind the biz, has recommended a couple of industry events taking place in November. The digital market evolves so quickly that there is always something you can learn or keep on top of. With that in mind we give you:

Digital Marketing Show 2013

The Content Marketing Show which is happening on November 8th. It’s a free day exclusively dedicated to content marketing and as we all know by now, this is what digital marketing is all about.

The second one is The Digital Marketing Show on the 28th of November. Again, the day is free (unless you want to purchase VIP tickets) and this one is a broader day about the need to be digitally competitive.

Though free you will need tickets so click the links above to take you through to the websites where you can get your hands on them.

As I mentioned, these events come highly recommended by Mr D Handley so how can you refuse!