Our Free Training’s Taking Off!

We know by now a lot of you will be on board with the regular free training that we offer but for those that haven’t sampled the delights or even if you’re relatively new to them, did you know you can access the whole back catalogue?


Over the past few months we have held webinars, hosted by our friends and experts in the digital market, on Content Marketing, Social Media Advertising, RTB, PPC and more. Without fail they have been interesting, informative and useful as well as containing specific recruitment tips from certain companies. We have recently reorganised the website so all these sessions are clear and easy to access. You’re welcome!

We have received some great feedback from those who have attended the webinars and our last session had the highest attendance so far, almost maxing out the system! The word is spreading people.

With that in mind we have lined up the next session which is on Conversion Rate Optimisation & Web Analytics and is happening next Tuesday the 22nd. All the details are here but you will need the secret password which is going to be released in the newsletter and by request on hello@neilsrecruitment.co.uk.

See you then and don’t forget to bring the password.